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May 10, 2006



Man, my knees were shaking as I watched it the day after the WHC dinner. He's so brilliant and brave, the best satirist around. All I could think was "Holy fuck."


I heard audio of that speech and was thinking "I know Steven Colbert can be excellent, and he definitely had time to prepare for this... what gives?"

But I think by not being as gut-bustingly hilarious as we know he could have been, Colbert leaves you with nothing but cutting nastiness about what a pathetic joke the Administration has been. If he had just been Daily Show-style funny, it would have been much easier ignore what he was really saying. It's as if he's presented the press corps with a big steaming pile of turds...no laughs. Brilliant! Gross!


I watched the speech on-line a few days later. I was in shock and admiration simultaneously. Go Colbert!

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