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May 23, 2006



Hey - you guys can sleep on my floor if you happen to pass through southern VT.

Tim Burns

I heard you guys a while back and am a huge fan of your music.

Sorry to see you aren't passing through Providence RI. If Philadelphis doesn't come through, June 10th is pretty short notice, but I'd be happy to start looking into a venue in the Providence area and offer my house as a place to stay if you guys want. Also, let me know the next time you plan a tour and I'll be happy to do some legwork up here.
Best regards,
Tim Burns

Melanie Micir

thomas, i can't really help you to set up a show in philly (although i can put you in touch with someone who can), but if you're ever down here, you and yours can stay with me. just get in touch. xo mel

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