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June 15, 2006


Erol Tamerman

I love Keith Jarrett..but the trio at present doesn't kill me they way "Fort Yahweh" continues too.
(I always prefered Keith with Dave Holland or Charlie Haden anyway..check out Keith on Kenny Wheeler's "Gnu High." Dave Holland told me that Keith was pissed during that session because the demands of that music were tough on him.)

Perhaps there some instrumental predjudice on my part, but I would say that Dave Douglas, and his various groups, Nomad,Keystone, the Quintet, his brass group, and several others provide more thrills and challenges ..but then I could say the say of Tim Berne, Matthew Shipp, Charles Gayle, William Parker, Cuong Vu, Myra Melford to name but a few...even Brad Meldhau with Larry Grenadier and Bill Stewart manage more goose bumps for me. The jury is still out on Jason Moran though.

Hope the tour is going well.

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